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For over 30 years, Cratex Container has been offering our customers superior customer service, high quality workmanship and a large selection of containers to rent or buy. As a container depot located in the same location as shipping lines, we offer one of the largest selections of containers in North America.

Based in Delta, B.C., we have inventory and sales centres across Western Canada and can deliver your container anywhere in this region.

We have established an excellent relationship with the suppliers of new and used containers. For our customers this means competitive prices, large selection, and complete descriptions of every used container on our lot.

Cratex is committed to a higher standard of service and doing business with integrity.  Our team is friendly knowledgeable, professional, and provides helpful after sales service. 

On-site Customization

We also offer customizations on-site, ensuring a faster turnaround and high quality workmanship, which is critical when you’re choosing a container. Having our customization shop on-site provides competitive pricing for our customers.

On-site Maintenance

Our on-site maintenance department also fixes and refurbishes used containers to the same high standard as all our work, ensuring a container that will continue to provide you with years of robust service.

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